Welcome to the Introduction to Qualtrics module. This module provides an introduction to creating and distributing a survey using the online tool Qualtrics. If you are a Curtin staff member or student, you can access your Curtin Qualtrics account by logging in with your Curtin ID and password (if not, you can create a free account).

The module covers the key features of the software and uses the example of creating a travel preferences survey to demonstrate concepts. You may wish to work through the module in its entirety and to create this survey, or you may prefer to work through some or all of the different sections as required to customise your own survey.

Your feedback on this module is very welcome and can be provided at any time on the feedback page, or alternatively for any questions about the module please contact Library-UniSkills@curtin.edu.au

What you will learn

  • How to create a new survey in your Qualtrics account (skip to Getting started)
  • How to add and edit questions in a survey, organising them into blocks as required (skip to Survey builder)
  • How to use question behaviour, including display and skip logic (skip to Question behaviour)
  • How to customise a survey by piping words, phrases or values (skip to Piped text)
  • How to customise the end of the survey (skip to End of survey message)
  • How to customise the flow of the survey, including through the use of branch logic and embedded data (skip to Survey flow)
  • How to edit the look and feel of the survey (skip to Look & feel)
  • How to add scoring and email triggers to a survey, and how to set up quotas (skip to Survey options)
  • How to publish and distribute a survey (skip to Distributing your survey)

The PDF below is a printable version of this guide, which you can download and refer to later.