To get started using your Curtin Qualtrics account, go to the Qualtrics log in page and log in with your Curtin ID and password.

Creating a new survey

To create a new project select the Create new project button on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Here you will see various options for your project:

  • Guided projects consists of pre-built projects, with step-by-step instructions
  • Project templates contains templates relating to different subject matter
  • Covid-19 projects is used for analysing the changing conditions as a result of Covid-19
  • Academic project templates are education specific, pre-built templates

There’s also an option to start a project from scratch. Under this heading there are two options, Survey and Imported Data. The survey option allows you create a survey, while the imported data option allows you to import data from outside the Qualtrics site and analyse it.

This module will work through how to create a new survey. For the purposes of working through the example in this module, we are going to choose Survey underneath Projects from scratch. Select Get started, located in the bottom-right corner, then give your survey a name. This example survey will be named ‘Test Survey’. The drop-down menu under the Name text box asks how you would like to start your survey. These options include:

  • Create a blank survey project which allows you to create a survey completely from scratch.
  • Import a QSF file which allows you to import a ‘Qualtrics Survey Format’ file from another Qualtrics account.
  • Copy a survey from an existing project
  • Use a survey from your library

For our example, after naming the Test survey, choose Create a blank survey project. Then select Create project.

Alternatively, if someone has shared a project with you it should be displayed in your list of projects. If this is the case, select the project to open it.