Certitude is an online game which will introduce you to the importance of referencing correctly and using accurate information.

Playing the game will help you build your critical thinking, problem solving and information skills while engaging with contemporary social issues.

Anyone with an internet connection can play at certitude.library.curtin.edu.au.

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At Certitude we only publish articles that are accurate and reliable.

We need your help to check them before they get published!

Will you be able to spot all the errors?

How many rewards can you earn?

But most importantly, will Kris get your coffee order right?

Play Certitude: The Game and find out!

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Hints for playing the game

Here are some hints to help new employees at Certitude!

  • Completely explore all the features of the Certitude desktop.
  • The reference page gets updated every day, so remember to check in daily.
  • Make sure Kris knows your coffee order.

What you will learn

  • how to spot referencing and spelling mistakes
  • how to ensure in-text citations are correct
  • how to read a list of references
  • how to spot misinformation
  • how to ensure reputable sources are being used.


Game design: Rebecca Kerr

Artwork: Jesse Bryant

Coding: Michael Wiebrands