Once you have added all the elements to your survey and adjusted the look and feel as required, preview it again to check that it works and looks as you’d like it to.

After you have made any necessary changes to your survey and are ready to publish, select Publish. At this time you may want to make use of the Expert Review, by clicking on View recommendations, to view suggestions for improving the survey. Once you have made any further changes, select Publish and Publish again. You will then be provided with an anonymous link that you can use to distribute your survey. Furthermore, you can find many other ways of sharing your survey in the Distributions section of Qualtrics. These different distribution methods are listed below. Click on each method for more details.

Additionally, if you know who you want to send your survey to ahead of time, you can create a contact list to distribute your survey invitations. This list (which should include participants’ names, email addresses and any other relevant information) can be created either manually or by importing contact details. While you don’t have to set up a contact list, it can help make your survey distribution easier, and it also allows for information to be added to a participant’s responses as embedded data. For information on setting up a contact list have a look at the contacts overview page on the Qualtrics website.

Once you have distributed your survey and have received all your responses, you will need to turn your attention to analysing your data. While this isn’t covered in any detail here, note that you can either analyse your data in Qualtrics, or export it to another program for analysis (which is usually required for in-depth analysis). To export your data, go to the Data & Analysis tab, select Export & Import, choose Export… and then select your preferred file format.