The Translations section of Qualtrics allows you to add multiple language options to your survey. To access this section of Qualtrics, click on the ‘Translations’ icon on the navigation menu at the far left of the screen. It looks like this:

A small icon of the letter A and a language character.

Once in the Translations section you can select a Base language for your survey (the language you wrote it in, and the one in which you would like your data displayed), and add any additional language options. You will then need to translate each of the questions in your survey into the specified additional language or languages, which you can either do manually (if you are familiar with the language), or using the auto-translate feature which uses Google Translate (although it is highly recommended that you have someone check and edit the translation as required). Participants can then choose to view the survey in a language other than the base language when they commence the survey if wished.

Note that there are also other options for deciding which language is displayed to participants, for example by using Query strings, as described in the Qualtrics support page on translations.


Let’s add a language option of your choice to your Test Survey. To do this, click on the Translations icon and select Add language from the menu on the left, then either click on the name of that language from the list on the left, or click on the three dots next to the language on the right and select View incomplete translations.

For each question in the survey, either type the translation in the box on the right (if you are familiar with the language), or select the three dots at the top right hand corner of the question and choose Auto-translate. Once you have done this for some or all of the questions, preview the survey to see the different language options.