Chicago 17th B

Entire website

Owning Organisation. Year. Title of Website. URL.

Reference list examples

Government of Western Australia. n.d. Perth Zoo. Accessed March 12, 2018.

WWF. 2019. Conservation in Action.

(WWF 2019).


According to WWF (2019)…

If quoting

According to the report “WWF has worked to protect the diversity of life on Earth and the future of nature” (WWF 2019, para. 1).

It was noted by WWF (2019, para.1) that “it had worked to protect the diversity of life on Earth and the future of nature.”

Note: When quoting, if there is no page number, use the paragraph number instead.

  • If citing from a particular page on the website, use the Webpage on a website reference type
  • If citing a website with no date, provide an access date before the URL and use n.d. in place of the year e.g. (Government of Western Australia, n.d.).
  • If the name of the organisation is abbreviated in the in-text citation, list it in the abbreviated format in the reference list, followed by the organisation’s full name

Webpage on a website

Author Surname, First Name(s) or Organisation Name. Year. “Title of Webpage.” Owning Organisation. URL.

Reference list examples

Hill, Braden, Bep Uink, Dameyon Bonson, Jennifer Dodd, and Sian Bennett. 2021. “New Research Shows How Indigenous LGBTQ+ People Don’t Feel Fully Accepted by Either Community.” The Conversation.

DET (Department of Education and Training). 2016. “Improving Australian and European Mobility.” Australian Government.

DevelopmentWA. n.d. “Yagan Square.” DevelopmentWA. Accessed April 8, 2020.

Hansen, Jeff. 2019. “Coming Together in Times of Crisis.” Sea Shepherd.

(Hansen 2019).


Hansen (2019) argues…

(DevelopmentWA, n.d.).


DevelopmentWA (n.d.) revealed how …

If quoting

The report is “set to enhance mobility between Australia and Europe” (DET 2016, para. 1).

According to Heck (n.d., para. 3) “the report has built-in bias towards large departments.”

Note : When quoting, if there is no page number, use a paragraph number instead

Optional organisation name abbreviation

First citation:

(Department of Education and Training [DET] 2016).

The Department of Education and Training (DET 2016) suggests…

Subsequent citations:

(DET 2016).

DET (2016) provides…

  • Use the above reference components when referring to a specific page on a website (not the entire website).
  • For multiple pages from the same website published in the same year include a unique reference list entry for each and differentiate with a, b, c etc. after the date in-text and in the reference list e.g. (2019a) (2019b)
  • If you have used the abbreviated name in the in-text citation, list the abbreviated name first followed by the organisation’s full name in brackets in the reference list e.g. DET (Department of Education and Training)
  • If the webpage has no date, use n.d. in place of the year and add the accessed date in the reference list as shown in the examples above


Author Surname, First Name(s). Year. “Title of Lecture.” Format. URL.

Reference list examples

Leaver, Tama. 2012. “Social Media Rivers.” iLecture.

Richardson, Christine. 2015. “RDA Management.” PowerPoint slides.

(Richardson 2015).


As stated by Richardson (2015) …

If quoting

Richardson (2015, slide 9) claimed that “the RDA is responsible for most of the development in the area.”

“We don’t just portray ourselves online” (Leaver 2012, 1:30).

  • Include the format of the lecture notes after the title of the lecture
  • When quoting, include the timestamp for recorded lectures and slide numbers for PowerPoints