Chicago 17th B

Annual report

Organisation Name. Year. Title of Report in Italics. Place of Publication: Publisher. URL.

Reference list example

Qantas. 2015. A Strong, Sustainable Future: Qantas Annual Report 2015. Sydney: Qantas.

(Qantas 2015).


Qantas (2015) claimed that …

If quoting

“The group reduced costs, grew revenue and benefited” (Qantas 2015, 23).

As reported by Qantas (2015, 23) “the group reduced costs, grew revenue and benefited.”

Note: When quoting, if there is no page number, use a paragraph number instead.

  • If author name is provided, use this in place of the organisation name
  • Where the place of publication or publisher is unavailable, omit these elements from your reference

Dataset created using a company database

Database Name. Year. Title of Dataset in Italics. Dataset. Accessed Month Day, Year. URL of database .

Reference list example

Morningstar Datanalysis Premium. 2014. GICS Industry Metals & Mining: Financial Data. Dataset. Accessed October 9, 2014.

(Morningstar Datanalysis Premium 2014).


The Morningstar Datanalysis Premium (2014) reported that …

  • Use the name of the database used to create the dataset as the author

Company and industry reports created using a database

Author Surname, First Name(s) or Organisation Name. Year. “Title of Report.” Report Series Title in Italics. URL.

Reference list examples

Baikie, Victoria. 2021. “Art Galleries and Museums in Australia.” IBISWorld Industry Report.

IBISWorld. 2021. “Sigma Healthcare Limited.” IBISWorld Company Report.

(Baikie 2021).


Baikie (2021) claimed that …

(IBIS World 2021).


According to the report from IBIS World (2021) …

Company and industry profile from a database

Author Surname, First Name(s). Year. “Title of Profile.” Profile Series Title in Italics. URL.

Reference list examples

Euromonitor International. 2021. “Ferrero & Related Parties in Packaged Food (World).” Passport.

Marketline. 2021. “Oil and Gas in Australia June 2021.” Marketline Industry Profile.

(Marketline 2021).


Marketline’s (2021) analysis of …

  • If author information is not provided, use the name of the company used to create the profile as the author