This page covers some of the shortcuts that can be used in Excel on a PC. For a complete list of PC shortcuts, and the Mac equivalents explore Exceljet

Formatting cells

Format painter

Format painter is a handy tool that allows you to ‘paint’ a section of text with the same formatting as another. The icon is in the Home tab, and looks like this:

Enter text to a new line within the same cell

Enter text to a new line within the same cell: Alt Enter

The best tip that has been found - allows you to have multiple lines of text entered within the same cell.

Entering data

Undo last action

Undo last action: Ctrl Z

If you make a mistake, press Ctrl + Z

Redo OR repeat last action

Redo OR repeat last action: Ctrl Y

If you want to redo something you have just undone, press Ctrl + Y. You will be taken a step forward.

Select all cells

Select all cells: Ctrl A

To select all cells in your spreadsheet, press Ctrl + A, or click on the “select all” icon, as shown below:

Copy selected cells or text

Copy selected cells or text: Ctrl C

Select (or highlight) the text you want to copy, and press Ctrl + C.

Paste selected cells or text

Paste selected cells or text: Ctrl V

Select (or highlight) the area you want to paste your text or object into, then press Ctrl + V.

Cut selected cells or text

Cut selected cells or text: Ctrl X

You can cut the cells using Ctrl + X and then paste them to a new location using Ctrl + V.

To insert a hyperlink: Ctrl K

The dialogue box will pop up and you can add your hyperlink as desired.

Enter the current date

Enter the current date: Ctrl ;

Select the cell into which you want to enter today’s date and press Ctrl + ;

Find a word or phrase

Find a word or phrase: Ctrl F

Press Ctrl + F. You will then be able to type in a word or phrase into the search box, and replace it if desired.

Move to last row

Move to last row: Ctrl ↓

To jump to the last row of the spreadsheet, press Ctrl + ↓

Move to top row

Move to top row: Ctrl ↑

To jump to the top row, or the first row, of the spreadsheet, press Ctrl + ↑

File operations

Save workbook

Save workbook: Ctrl S

Pressing Ctrl + S will save the workbook.

Save As

Save As: F12

This will allow you to easily save your document under a different name or in another folder.

Print file: Ctrl P

Pressing Ctrl + P allows you to print your file.