Download additional styles

When you download EndNote hundreds of referencing styles are automatically loaded. The default style selected in the program is Annotated. However you can choose another style.

To select a different style:

  1. Select a reference in your Library and expand the preview pane
  2. Click the Bibliographic Output Style box and then using the drop down menu, click on Select Another Style
  3. A Choose A Style box will appear which gives an expanded list of referencing styles
  4. Highlight the style you want to use, then click Choose
  5. References will then display in the style you have selected
  6. Once you have selected a style from the expanded list it will appear in the Bibliographic Output Style drop down menu.

If the style you need is not included with the EndNote program, many more styles are available from the EndNote website.

  1. Locate the style you require from the EndNote Output Styles page
  2. Click Download next to the style
  3. Double-click the style file. It should open in EndNote.
  4. In EndNote, go to File and choose Save As
  5. Remove the word ‘Copy’ from the style name and click Save
  6. Click on File and choose Close Style.

The style will now be available from Select Another Style in the Bibliographic Output Style drop down menu.

If a journal name uses an ampersand (&), enter this when searching on the EndNote styles page, e.g. Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness. The style may not be returned in the results if you use the word ‘and’.

Modify reference types and output styles

If you are not able to locate the style you require from the EndNote website or you need to modify an existing style, you can edit styles so they match your requirements for referencing. While Curtin Library is unable to edit styles for you, Clarivate provides the following instructions on how to do this. Note that in EndNote 20 & 21, the Output Styles are located under the Tools menu.

EndNote 20 Tools dropdown menu with Output Styles selected