Apple Pages

EndNote provides a plug-in to use with the Apple Pages program. The following video from Clarivate Analytics explains how to use this functionality:

Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows)

When using Microsoft PowerPoint with EndNote please note the following:

  • EndNote does not work with PowerPoint on a Mac
  • Inserting in-text citations and creating a bibliography/reference list are performed as two separate functions
  • The required style must be selected from the Bibliographic Output Style menu before you commence inserting citations/references. If the style is changed, the formatting will not update automatically for any existing citations in the PowerPoint
  • Citations and references entered into PowerPoint will not be linked to the EndNote Library. Any editing of a reference in the EndNote library will not be updated in PowerPoint. Citations/references are imported as text only and can be edited in PowerPoint.

Insert citations

  1. Place the cursor in the text box in the PowerPoint slide where you want the in-text citation to appear and click on the Insert Citation icon in the CWYW toolbar
  2. Enter keywords/author name etc. in the search box and then click Find to locate matching references in your library
  3. Select the required reference and click Insert and the in-text citation(s) will now appear in your slide.
  4. Insert Selected Citation(s) will insert references already highlighted in your open EndNote library - use this option to add multiple references at one point.

Create a reference list

  1. Place the cursor in the text box in the PowerPoint slide where you want the reference list to appear
  2. Go to EndNote and select all the references you want to appear in your reference list (for multiple references hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select with your mouse)
  3. In Word, click on Insert Selected Reference(s) in the CWYW toolbar and the reference list will be added to the PowerPoint slide.
  • Include all the required references in your reference list at the same time as any added later will not file correctly
  • Your references will not be in alphabetical or numerical order and this will have to be corrected manually.