This guide outlines additional functionality available in the EndNote program and is designed to support Masters/PhD students and staff working on in-depth projects. If you are new to EndNote please complete the EndNote essentials module for an introduction to setting up and using EndNote.

What you will learn

  • Finding and editing styles, including downloading additional journal styles and editing existing styles
  • Working with PDFs, including using EndNote Click, creating references from PDFs and automatic importing of PDFs
  • Managing your library, including record numbers, changing display fields, merging multiple libraries, changing title capitalisation and finding reference updates
  • Working with long documents, including converting to unformatted citations, creating chapter and standalone bibliographies, merging chapters from different documents, exporting a traveling library, and working with track changes
  • Using other programs with EndNote, including Apple Pages, and Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows only)
  • Library syncing, including setting up EndNote sync, and syncing your library to additional computers.