Traveling Library

As you insert formatted EndNote citations into a Word document, invisible field codes are included which contain the information necessary to form the in-text citations and reference list entry. This information is referred to as the Traveling Library. If you open a Word document which includes EndNote references that are not available in your EndNote library, the Traveling Library is used to format the citations in the document. It is possible to add the Traveling Library references to your EndNote library.

  1. Open the Word document and select the CWYW toolbar
  2. Click on Export to EndNote and select Export Traveling Library
  3. Select the EndNote library you wish to add the traveling library to
  4. The references will be added to your library (note that each record will be assigned a new record number in EndNote)
  5. In Word, click on Update Citations and Bibliography to incorporate the changes.

Export to EndNote drop down menu in Word CWYW toolbar

  • You can only export citations if the citations were inserted into Word using EndNote
  • The traveling library cannot be exported if the Word document has been converted to plain text (doing this removes the field codes)

Track changes

Using the Track Changes function in your Word document while EndNote formatting is active can cause errors or crash your document.

To safely use Track Changes:

  1. Go to the Review tab in Word
  2. Select the Display for Review drop down menu (to the right of Track Changes)
  3. Change the option to either Final or No Markup (depending on your version of Word)

Track changes display for review drop down menu

Convert to plain text

It is recommended that you convert your finalised document to plain text before submitting for assessment or publication. Converting to plain text creates a second copy of the document which isn’t linked to your EndNote library. This also allows you to make manual changes to your references and protects your finished document from being corrupted.

  1. In the CWYW toolbar click Convert Citations and Bibliography (Windows) or Tools (MAC) and select Convert to Plain Text
  2. A new unsaved document with no field codes (not linked to EndNote) will be created
  3. Save it with a new file name (your original document with the field codes will be unchanged and still be linked to EndNote)

It is important to keep the original document with the EndNote formatting in case you need to make changes to it later (EndNote citations cannot be reactivated from a plain text copy).