Convert to unformatted citations

When working with long documents, it is recommended that you use unformatted citations in Microsoft Word. Formatted citations take a longer time to process as EndNote will update all citations in the document each time a reference is added. Unformatted citations also provide you with more flexibility to use the cut and paste options in Word without the document becoming corrupted.

To unformat your citations:

  1. In Word, click on Convert Citations and Bibliography (Windows) or Tools (Mac) in the Cite While You Write (CWYW) toolbar
  2. Select Convert to Unformatted Citations

The in-text citations will then display as {Author, year #record number} and the bibliography/reference list will disappear from the document.

Word document with unformatted EndNote citations

To reformat your citations in your chosen referencing style and see your reference list again, click on Update Citations and Bibliography in the CWYW toolbar.

Page numbers can be added manually to unformatted citations by entering @ and the page number immediately following the record number. For example {Smith, 2017 #10@34}

Create chapter bibliographies in Word

To create a separate bibliography at the end of each section (chapter) of your Word document:

  1. Go to the Edit menu in EndNote and select Output Styles
  2. Click on Edit “your chosen style”
  3. Click Sections in the panel on the left side of the Output Styles box.
  4. Select Create a bibliography for each section and click on the black x to close
  5. You will be asked to save the changes (your new style will have Copy added to the name e.g. APA 7th Copy)
  6. Click Save
  7. Select the modified style in the Bibliographic Output Style box in your EndNote library and in the Style box in the Word CWYW toolbar

You will now need to break your document into sections. To do this:

  1. Click on the Page Layout tab in Word and choose Breaks
  2. Under Section Breaks select Next Page each time you require a new section.

To create a bibliography for each section and also a complete bibliography at the end of the document, follow the instructions above but in Step 4, select Create a bibliography for each section and a complete bibliography at the end of the document.

Create standalone bibliographies

To create a stand alone (independent) bibliography:

  1. Select the required references from your EndNote library
  2. Ensure that the required referencing style is selected
  3. Click Edit and select Copy Formatted
  4. Open your Word document
  5. Click Paste

Merge chapters from different Word documents

  1. Convert each Word document to unformatted by clicking on Convert Citations and Bibliography (Windows) or Tools (Mac) in the CWYW toolbar and selecting Convert to Unformatted Citations (citations will appear in the unformatted form {Author, year #Record number} and the reference list will disappear)
  2. Create a new Word document
  3. Select and copy each chapter and paste in the correct order (chapter 1 followed by chapters 2, 3 etc.) into the new document
  4. Click on Update Citations and Bibliography in the CWYW toolbar of your combined document. Your in-text citations will be formatted and a single reference list will be included at the end of the document
  5. Save the document

We strongly recommend only working with one EndNote Library for all the chapters. References inserted from different EndNote libraries can cause issues when merging into one document. If you have multiple libraries you should combine these into a single library before merging the chapters. See Merging multiple libraries for instructions on how to do this.