2.1 Select a style

EndNote allows you to format your in-text citations and reference list entries in your chosen referencing style. When you download the program, hundreds of referencing styles are automatically loaded.

It is important to note that while EndNote will format references in the selected style, the program is not able to recognise if there is incorrect or missing data. It is highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the referencing style and compare your citations and reference list entries against the relevant referencing guide or style manual to ensure there are no mistakes or inconsistencies.

  1. Click the Bibliographic Output Style box (the default style selected will be Annotated) and the Select Another Style… option in the drop down menu
  2. The Choose Another Style box will appear which gives you an expanded list of referencing styles
  3. Highlight the style you want to use, then click Choose
  4. As you add references they will then display in the style you have selected.

Once you have selected a style from the expanded list it will be added to the Bibliographic Output Style drop down menu.

Activity: Select a referencing style in your EndNote library

2.2 Download Curtin styles

Curtin provides three EndNote styles which have been adapted for use with the Curtin referencing guides. These should be included in the Select Another Style menu. If they do not appear there you can download them using the links below:

Windows :

  1. Choose the required style
  2. Click on Open and the style will open in EndNote
  3. In EndNote, go to File and select Save As
  4. Remove the word Copy and click Save
  5. Close the style file by clicking on the small black cross or click on File and then Close Style
  6. In EndNote use the Bibliographic Output Style drop down menu to locate your downloaded style.

Mac :

  1. Click on your required style and locate it in your Downloads folder
  2. Drag the style into your Styles folder located at HD → Applications → EndNote → Styles.

2.3 Import terms list (Vancouver only)

Some referencing styles, such as Vancouver, require journal titles to be abbreviated in the reference (e.g. New England Journal of Medicine appears as N Engl J Med). EndNote allows you to import a terms list so that journal titles are automatically abbreviated.

  1. Click on the Tools menu then select Open Term Lists and Journals Term List
  2. If there are already journals listed under the Terms tab, highlight these and select Delete Term
  3. Click on the Lists tab then highlight Journals and click Import List…
  4. This should open to the Terms List folder. If it doesn’t open automatically it is available under C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote X9\Terms Lists (for Windows) or Applications\EndNote X9\Terms (for MACs)
  5. If working with the Vancouver style, select the Medical.txt folder and then click Open and the terms will be added
  6. Close the Terms List dialogue box
  7. Next go to the Edit menu, select Output Styles and Edit “Vancouver Curtin X9”
  8. Click on Journal Names, select the Abbreviation 2 button and tick Abbreviate journal articles only
  9. Close the window and save the changes. This will create a copy of the style which you can choose from Select Another Style.