It is recommended that you create only one EndNote library. The Groups feature in EndNote enables you to organise your references without the need to create separate EndNote libraries.

5.1 Create a group set and groups

Creating a Group Set allows you to organise groups within your EndNote library.

  1. Right mouse click on My Groups in the My Library panel or select the Groups menu
  2. Select Create Group Set
  3. Enter a name for the Group Set (e.g. MGMT 101) and click Enter

You can then create Groups under the Group Set

  1. Right mouse click on the Group Set and select Create Group
  2. Name your Group (e.g. Assignment 1, Assignment 2 etc.).

Activity: Create a group set called Security and add a group to it called Cyber security.

5.2 Add references to groups

  1. Select the required reference in the library
  2. Right mouse click on the reference or click on the Groups menu and select Add References To
  3. Choose the required group and the reference will be added to it
  4. A reference/references can also be added by dragging and dropping the references onto the group.

The same reference can be added to multiple groups. References will remain in your All References folder even if they are deleted from a group.

Activity: Add the Cyber security report reference from activity 3.2 to the Cyber security group