Remember the last time you were working on a project. Did you feel like you could ask questions without sounding like you’re the only one out of the loop?

We’re all reluctant to engage in behaviours that could negatively influence how others perceive our competence, awareness and positivity. However, asking questions and engaging with each other ensures you are working effectively as a team.

There are five main things that make a successful team:

  1. Psychological safety – the ability to take risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed.
  2. Dependability – the ability to count on each member to do high quality work on time.
  3. Structure and clarity – when goals, roles and plans for the project are clear.
  4. Meaning – individuals are working on something that is important to each of them.
  5. Impact – the feeling that the work being done matters.

Group etiquette

To ensure that your team works effectively together, ensure that:

  • All members of your group have the chance to speak for an equal amount of time.
  • Group members are empathetic towards others.
  • You listen actively to all conversation points and ideas.
  • Communication is open and honest at all stages of the project.
  • Group members are always professional when working together.
  • You are accountable for your own role in the project.