Common issues with the catalogue

  • Browser issues - Temporary errors in the browser may prevent you from accessing resources. If the article won’t open in the browser you are using, try accessing the catalogue in a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.). It is also useful to clear your browser cache so you don’t continue to receive the same error.

  • Article-level linking not available - Sometimes the link will not take you directly to the article but instead to the journal homepage. Search for the article title on the journal’s homepage or navigate to the required article by using the year, volume and issue information in the catalogue record. From the journal’s homepage select the option for past issues (called Archive, Previous issues or similar), then select the year, volume and issue. You will see the article you want presented in the list.

  • Article outside of our subscription - Some journals only have selected full text articles available or have an embargo on article access (time period where access is restricted). If this is the case, it will be indicated in the Availability section of the item record, e.g. Selected full text only, Selected free text access, Most recent 6 month(s) not available.

  • Check Google Scholar - If there is an issue with the catalogue link, you may be able to source a copy of the article via Google Scholar. Login to Google Scholar from the Library’s database page otherwise you may be prompted to pay for access.

  • Factiva articles - If you are trying to access an article in the Factiva database, you will need to search for the title once you open to the database search page.

  • Report a problem - You can report problems with accessing online resources by clicking on the Report a problem with this resource link that appears in the Availability section of the item record (note you must be logged in to the catalogue to see this). Library staff will then investigate your issue and respond via email.

Your request may be unsuccessful if you have already placed a request on another copy of the item; a copy of the same item is already on loan to you; or your borrowing privileges have been suspended.

Requesting is only available to students and staff with local (Australian) addresses. You can update your address details via eStudent in OASIS (see How do I update my address details for instructions). Once your details have been updated, you will be able to request items.

Access to library resources is determined by your enrolment status. If you have recently completed your course, graduated, are no longer studying or you haven’t re-enrolled, you will not be eligible to access our online resources. If you are currently enrolled and receiving this message, please contact Library help for assistance.

Curtin College, UniReady and registered Alumni have access to a limited selection of online resources. If you try to access something outside of this, you will receive an error message. Please refer to your Borrowing and membership entitlements at the library website. You may find the Finding information guide useful for searching for available resources.

Item records from espace, Curtin’s institutional repository, may not have the full text included in the record. However, access may be available by clicking on View full record in espace under the Links section in the catalogue record, then selecting the DOI or URL. Alternatively, you can search for the article title in the Library Catalogue to see if the full text article is held in one of our subscribed databases.

Curtin Library only collects PhD and Masters by Research theses not Curtin honours theses. Please contact the school or department the honours thesis was completed through to see if they can provide a copy.