Put simply, when putting your information together you should plan to:

  1. Introduce your topic to your audience, as you would in the introduction to an essay.

  2. Tell your audience the information.

  3. Summarise your topic, as you might in a conclusion to an essay.

Give your presentations that personal touch

Giving successful presentations requires personal touches, which enable you to engage with your audience.

How to do your presentation slides

Online presentations

Giving presentations online may or may not include the audience being able to see you. When the audience sees only your slides, your personality and enthusiasm for your topic still comes through verbally in your tone, intonation, volume, and smile in your voice along with what you say and the content you present.

As with in-person presentations, being prepared is the key. For an online presentation, this will include being familiar with the technology of the online platform you will be using. It’s a good idea to practise as much as you can until you feel comfortable and confident in using the technology.

Answer true or false to the following statements.