Assessment 2: Group presentation

You are required to work in groups of four or five students to create a PowerPoint presentation investigating the ethical and sustainability issues faced by a major company and evaluating the performance of the company in responding to these issues. You are presenting to a government agency tasked with understanding and reporting on companies in relation to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Finding background information on your company

You will need to use a range of reliable and credible sources when considering the performance of your company. Below are some tips on sources to search.

Finding Company and Industry Information provides instructions on accessing company reports and profiles for both Australian and international companies, through the Library’s databases.

The company’s website can help you establish their current social performance and how they portray themselves.

News sources can be useful for locating information about companies as well as their social performance. Note that there can be some bias in reporting so consider news sources carefully when using for your assignments.

Finding journal articles

Search the databases to locate sources relating to your company and, more broadly, the sustainability and ethical issues faced by businesses.

Recommended databases: Business Source Ultimate, ProQuest, Library catalogue

Recommended source types: Journal articles, Reports, Newspaper articles

Recommended keywords:

  • [Your company name] AND corporate social responsibility OR social performance OR responsible business OR ethics
  • [Your company name] AND sustainability
  • Sustainable development goals AND business ethics

Did you know? When searching in Business Source Ultimate or ProQuest you can limit your search results to academic or scholarly journals. To do this, perform your search, then select from the options in the left hand menu on the search results page.